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The Bedford conservation land stewards are a group of volunteers who care for the conservation areas of Bedford, Massachusetts. Established in 1995, we work closely with the Bedford Conservation Commission and Trails Committee but are an independent organization.

Stewards get to know our conservation areas over time and serve as a voice advocating for them in our town.We present field reports twice a year at our Spring and Fall meetings. Input from land stewards gives the Conservation Commission the information they need to best serve the town and preserve our natural spaces.

We need you! Become a land steward. Contact us at bedfordlandstewards@gmail.com. Come to one of our meetings. Send us an enrollment form.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Post-Meeting Notes - Spring 2011

These are the notes from the spring 2011 meeting:

We are fortunate to welcome new steward, Bob Scoville who is joining the stewards at “Wilderness Park" and overseeing a new conservation area, “Lantern Lane,” 22 ac, 12A Old Stagecoach Rd.

Discussion of the tenure of the position of Head Steward. We are an independent voluntary group with no set of rules or bylaws except what we want to make them for ourselves. After discussing several options such as a two-year term, having an assistant Head Steward to take over, the group seemed to feel at least for now that the next head steward should be solicited when the current head steward is ready to step down. It was pointed out that this position calls for someone who is interested in and generally familiar with the conservation areas town-wide, and should be available to communicate with the Conservation Commission Administrator during her working hours because of the nature of a close working relationship.

Steward Peter Desjardins, who set up and manages the new steward website explained its facets and asked for input regarding the site. He would welcome working with others. The hope is the site will become more active as people become more aware of the information available, the links to maps, forms, Conservation Commission, Trails Committee, and the ability to add their own material. Stewards are encouraged to use the site for wildlife and conservation area photos of their own as well as specific comments by sending them to:


With photos, give a short description of the whereabouts and date of the photo. Peter will then organize the material to put on the website. To date the site has sent out major communications to you, posted meeting announcements and post-meeting notes, and posted some conservation area photos and seasonal bird observations that have been submitted.

Mark Levine of the Trails Committee talked on the best ways to manage trimming trails and the
techniques in doing so. If you would like a copy of his outline, email Yan: schoolmastery@comcast.net

Waterproof, attractive green Id plastic tags for 15 selected shrubs and trees have been made up by
Elizabeth for Altmann Conservation Area. Information on the specimen is printed on the backs with the common and Latin names on the fronts This is something in the future stewards may be interested in talking to Elizabeth about for your conservation areas.

The entire roster of stewards (2pp) with their contact information as well as the acreage and location of their conservation areas was made available. If any of you would like a copy please email Elizabeth: elizabethb@bedfordma.gov

Several conservation areas are in need of stewards: Elm Brook, 19 ac at 16B Railroad Rd. Ave. and a new area, O’Connor, 19ac at 463 and 469 Old Billerica Rd.

Elizabeth is hoping that the summer work crew will be available at least part-time this summer to help carry out the appropriate “agenda items” in your Field Reports. She will notify us of a work schedule if this happens and your help in at least meeting once with the crew if possible is crucial. Other “agenda items” will be passed on to the Trails Committee where appropriate.

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