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The Bedford conservation land stewards are a group of volunteers who care for the conservation areas of Bedford, Massachusetts. Established in 1995, we work closely with the Bedford Conservation Commission and Trails Committee but are an independent organization.

Stewards get to know our conservation areas over time and serve as a voice advocating for them in our town.We present field reports twice a year at our Spring and Fall meetings. Input from land stewards gives the Conservation Commission the information they need to best serve the town and preserve our natural spaces.

We need you! Become a land steward. Contact us at bedfordlandstewards@gmail.com. Come to one of our meetings. Send us an enrollment form.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count

The Concord Christmas Bird Count will be January 2, 2012. This event is a part of the National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count and its survey area includes parts of southwestern Bedford.

The Concord Christmas Bird Count group is looking for field observers to go out and count birds in some of the Bedford open spaces such as Clark, Little Meadow, and the open space along the bike path between Hartwell Rd and the Concord line. In addition to the field observers, feeder watchers keep an eye on the birds that come to their feeders/yards that day.

The National Audubon Society charges $5 for each field observer. All participants under the age of 18 and feederwatchers are free.

Please contact Frank Gardner by email at
before Christmas (if possible) to participate.

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